Sandy Hook Actress Zooey Deschanel is Carlee, Kaitlin Roig, and Victoria Soto IMHO

This video cuts to the core of the issue by contrasting the hypocrisy of these authoritarian actors demanding that we foreclose rational problem solving and evidence examination in order to respond to their behavior modification techniques and hoaxes – The video cuts from the video image of each self-righteous actor or actress to show them portraying themselves in movies with GUNS in their hands… In the original video titled Demand A Plan – – Zooey Deschanel appeared in the middle – – the very actress that I have been saying matches three Sandy Hook Hoax participants; Victoria Soto, Carlee Soto, and Kaitlyn Roig.   IMHO

Compare actress Zoey Deschanel voice with Carlee Soto and Kaitlin Roig in tone, range, pacing, and creakiness!

This is what Zooey looks like with blonde hair – makeup only on top of eyes

As kaitlin Roig she’s had a recent botox and has dark brown contacts.  As an actress, she has pencilled her eyebrows, changed the nose, pencilled in some hairs at the hairline for carlee –  different alterations in voice level and face tension for each different character – ask yourself WHY a pretty girl like Kaitlin Roig is slouching forward through her whole interview and has her hair like that…  Why does Karlee have the fake squint and sneer and fake high nasal voice  But notice the shoulders, the neck, the forhead and especially the hairline.  The noses can be altered to some extent, especially at the tip, and along the nase.  But the chinline and the basic body type and size are the same for all three females, pictures of victoria and videos of carlee and roig match in many basic areas.  Look for underlying eyebrow lines.  And checkout when the contacts don’t quite follow the eye and give you a peek at the underlying color.

Watch Youtube videos and notice how Zooey moves – her gravity is in her hips as is Carlee’s iconic picture.  She talks out of the right side of her mouth and has other common nonverbal gestures.